Only One Keyword Glossary, Forever

Get important keywords into your multilingual website during translation and any future content updates. Have a multilingual keyword glossary at hand, whenever you need it.

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Keyword Translation Just Doesn’t Work

Ok, you found a proper translator for your website, but are the keywords and content localized for your target audience? Each language has it’s own cultural specifics. Multilingual keyword research is not simply about translating words. A successful International SEO strategy starts with research from scratch for every language.


Your Own Multilingual Keyword Glossary

Having your own foreign language keyword database is like having a goose that lays golden eggs. There are numerous ways of how to utilize it in your marketing strategy:

  • Multilingual websites: corporate websites, microsites, LP's.
  • Pay-per-click advertising: adverts, banners, sitelinks.
  • Multilingual email campaigns: newsletters, autoresponders.
  • Global social profiles: Tweets, Facebook posts.
  • Offline advertising: leaflets, banners, catalogs.
  • Document translation: upload the glossary in your translator's CAT tools.

How To Use The Glossary During Translation?

When translation is done using a CAT tool, the keywords from your multilingual database are transferred in to the CAT tool database (called 'termbase'). This way, when the translator will need a specific keyword, he/she will already have it offered automatically. This way you can easily get the right keywords into your multilingual content without much effort. What if the translators don’t use CAT tools? Not to worry - they can still use it as a reference document while translating.


Martin Kura

Since 2010 Martin has been helping international and local companies enter new markets by creating a vast multi-cultural SEO strategy.

He's done large website translation and localization projects for companies such as L'Oreal, AVG and ESET. Focusing on international SEO he writes for fellow digital marketing site SEMrush and runs GFluence, an international SEO agency.

His mission is to help companies expand internationally.


Francis Hellyer - Founder at London Theatre Direct Ltd
„I’ve had the pleasure of working with with Martin on a number of SEO projects. He is extremely knowledgeable, diligent and personable. His expertise is in local SEO and he has a real understanding of how different users from different countries interact with search and the web.”

Jorin Hawley - SEO Strategist at Siteworx, LLC.
„I worked with Martin on a geotargeting and redirection strategy for a multinational domain migration project. He provided a combination of helpful overviews and specific advice related to the international complexities of the website migration. He pinpointed some key issues relating to the countries and languages that were crucial to the project, but beyond my own SEO experience.”


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